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The Mariposa project is the brainchild of Professor Michael Stonebraker. The members of the Mariposa team at Berkeley include three PhD students (Paul M. Aoki, Adam Sah, and Jeff Sidell) and two undergraduate programmers ( Joseph Kent, III and D. Kirk Wylie). The chief programmer for Mariposa is Andrew MacBride.

Members of the Mariposa team who have contributed significantly to the design and/or implementation include Arthur Bohren (Inktomi Corp.), Robert Devine (Microsoft Enterprise Group), Marcel Kornacker, Professor Witold Litwin (Universite de Paris IX), Robert Patrick, Avi Pfeffer (Stanford), Mike Olson (Informix Corp.), Dr. Carl Staelin (Hewlett-Packard Labs), Rex Winterbottom (Rockwell), and Andrew Yu (Informix Corp.).

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